Jornada burril / Donkey day


We will spend a different day accompanied by our donkeys. First we will learn how to handle, care for and feed them. Then we will begin our route to Vieda, where we can visit a typical lebaniega winery-orujera and enjoy a delicious “cocido lebaniego”.


Do you want to meet them?


Basic characteristics


Type of trip: donkey trekking, low difficulty route.

Duration: 1 day.

Rates: from 35 euros.

Dates: all weekends subject to reservation.


Adults and children over 12 years: 35€. *

Children from 4 to 12 years: 15€.

Children from 0 to 3 years free.

   *Price per person. Possibility of discount per group.

Duration: 1 day

Small group (maximum 15 people).

Minimum group of 6 people.


It includes:

  • Lunch in restaurant Venta de Vieda, cocido lebaniego or menu.
  • Visit to the bodega-orujera.
  • Accompaniment of specialized guides.
  • Accompaniment of donkeys and necessary material.
  • Assistance during walking.
  • Transport during the walking itinerary of a backpack.
  • Travel insurance.


Does Not Include:

  • Flights or other transports to the point of origin.
  • Meals and drinks out of schedule.
  • Everything not specified in the "Includes" section.


All weekends with reservation.


Detailed itinerary

11.00 Meeting in Potes with our guide.

11.10 Presentation and familiarization with our donkeys. Trekking route with donkeys: Villa de Potes-Vieda.

13.00 Visit to the winery "Picos de Cabariezo".

14.30 Lunch in restaurant Venta de Vieda.

16.00 Trekking route with donkeys: Vieda-Villa de Potes.

17:30 Arrival to Potes.


An idea of ​​the trip


Donkey trekking


We propose a different experience, with partners on the path that will bring us to a time not so distant where these animals were essential and helped us carry the load. We will learn to handle them, to understand them and to know these amazing animals, intelligent and calm, somewhat shy and very affectionate.

Why do we walk with donkeys and not ride on donkeys? Our donkeys could carry a lot of weight but the ideal for them is to load at most 20% of their weight. This makes them perfect for carrying backpacks, water and supplies, as well as for dray, but not for riding.


Accessible route


The route that we have chosen to start you in the experience of donkey trekking is an easy route, suitable for all public and accessible. We take the Old Path of Potes towards Cabariezo, following the Castilian route of the Camino Lebaniego.


Along almost four kilometers the track is concreted and the slope is low, making the route accessible to baby carriages and wheelchairs *.

* If you have any doubts about the accessibility or the conditions of the road, contact us.


The nature of Liébana


Liébana, due to its special microclimate, has an exceptional diversity of fauna and flora. We walk along the Bullón river, between meadows and villages, with views of the hillsides covered with woods and the mountains surrounding the valleys.


All our trips are designed with full respect for our environment and its conservation, offering a high quality ecotourism.

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